About Us

ServedWell was established with three things in mind:

The Consumer - There is and always will be a very important need for people to get true and timely information about businesses. This need is real and we realize that there are too many unreliable sources of information that can mislead consumers to the wrong conclusion about a company. People need the opportunity to receive honest information about good businesses before they make a buying decision. We wanted to make it easy for consumers to see "well deserved reviews" from real people in their community who are talking about how they were "served well".

The Employee - We are all employees of some company or some customer. We have a soft spot for the people who are out there working every day, trying to do the best job possible to make their customers happy. ServedWell makes it so easy to do what we all really want to do, but have not always taken the time, and that is to give praise to a deserving person who did a good job for us. Do you remember a time that someone said something nice about you? It doesn't happen often enough does it? ServedWell has a mission, and it's simple: To help good people say good things about good people and good businesses".

The Business - There are so many GREAT BUSINESSES, with so many GREAT PEOPLE taking risks ever day, investing their life and their time into the dream of reaching the goal of success. It's not easy for these business owners and executives to run the tight ships they run every day. There are so many obstacles that cause their day to change course. We want to reward these great companies and say, "We Were ServedWell!" We also want the good businesses to win in the marketplace. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples that are dishonest and downright unscrupulous businesses. If enough well deserved reviews about the great businesses are online for everyone to see, the bad businesses won't have a chance. Everyone wins!